Actors give their must-carry-on-holiday lists!

News Desk : Winter vacations are almost here and so is the Covid-19 vaccine (Well, we said almost!). So maybe it’s time to pack those bags and head out! Here is what these actors make sure to carry on their travels!

Pranitaa Pandit: These would have to my skin care products, my sneakers and my bagpack. I cannot even think of going on a trip without these three things.

Angad Hasija: Previously, I used to carry my reading glasses, charger, books. But now the scenario has changed. I carry my sanitiser, masks, vitamin c tablets and warm water. One needs to be very careful now.

Rohit Choudhary: Whenever I travel, I always prefer to take homemade food like some snacks with me. I carry my supplements and most importantly, I make sure to take a first-aid kit along. I also carry my swimming costume and my sports shoes.

Subuhii Joshii: For me, this list is pretty simple. My lip balm, sanitiser and perfume are always with me when I am heading off for a trip.

Sharad Malhotra: Well, this is simple. A wallet, phone and a smile on my face are a must-have for travelling, according to me.

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