Meet Rohit Gupta who can perfectly mimic Sanjay Dutt; Wishes Baba a very happy birthday 

2020-07-29    1058


News Desk: Rohit is majorly known for pranking celebrities in Sanjay Dutt’s voice and lingo. The actor being a die-hard Sanju Baba fan perfectly imitates him. He also considers Sanjay as his idol and an inspiration.

On Sanjay Dutt’s birthday, Rohit shares a video on how Popat Bhai met Sanju Baba and gifted him a bottle of Chivas Regal and some fruits. 

“He is an inspiration to so many including me. Not only as an actor, even as a person, he is my idol. Wishing him a very happy birthday, loads of happiness and success” says Rohit.





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