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KOLKATA,RAJKUMAR DAS:- There was a book release of Late Shri Dhruba Chatterjee, at Press Club Calcutta on 21st September, 2019. The book, titled “Byaktigato, Shamasthigata Dhruba Chatterjee”, is a collective of the important works of Shri Dhruba Chatterjee, published over many decades covering many social, political and economic topics. Dhruba Chatterjee was a political author and activist, social reformer, and a core believer of socialism. He authored many articles in various journals and news papers and he was also the founding member of Deshitaisi and a freelancing reporter of the same.

The book was released by Dr. Pabitra Sarkar, renowned linguist, literary critic and academician. Dr. Sarkar shared his thoughts and experiences of working with Dhruba Chatterjee on various projects, about leadership capabilities of Shri Dhruba Chatterjee and about the long term friendship they shared. 

The book is edited by Smt. Rita Chatterjee, wife of Dhruba Chatterjee and she shared her life’s experiences with him. Dr. Devjani Chatterjee, his younger daughter and a Professor with IIM Kashipur also shared memories of her father and the value system he has instilled in her. Some of his other friends also shared how he is highly regarded as a leader.


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